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Bentley Engineering
Bentley Engineering Consulting

Consultation & design 

Our services are based on the COMPLIANCE with one, or a combination of;

· Australian Engineering Codes (priority)

· International Standards

· Engineering Literature Recommendations

· Verification:

             Compliance examination of provided designs with the standards - Singing Off.

· certification:

             Engineering assessment of existing system - Singing Off..

· design:

             Development of sketches and concepts to a complete certified design. 

· optimisation:

             Inspection and generation of improved designs. 

· inspection:

             Engineering forensic examination and reporting. 

Other Services:

· drafting:

             Building engineered 3D models (Mechanical & Structural services) with the production of detailed shop drawings. 

· tendering preparation:

             Generation of 3D models, drawings, engineering documents etc. 

· project management:

             Planning and coordinating with fabricators, manufacturers and suppliers to deliver client requirements.

We can help with your engineering challenge, regardless of its size or nature... Large projects and small jobs are all valued with professional delivery at affordable prices



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