Commercial & Residential

Mezzanine, Stairways, Kitchen Fit-outs, Balustrade, Scaffolding, Emergency Exit Structure, Canopy, Facade Support System, Handrailing System, Adverting Sign, Bus-Stop & Carport Shelters, Patio/Gazebo, Tank (Steel/Plastic), Hut/Portable House, Steel Shed, Cafe Outside-dining Shelter, Studio Performance Frame/Apparatus



Trailer, Tower, Galvanising Lifting Frame, Conveyer Belt Access Platform, Gantry, Storage Racks, Portable Ladder/platform, Crane & Runway, Counterweight Fire Engine, Pressure Vessel, Vehicle ROP, Wastewater Tank, Carriage, Ventilation Support Structure Lifting Cage, Vibrating Frame, Lifting Lug/Device, Truck Trailer



Supporting Structure & Machinery

Maintenance Support Structure, Silo, Conveyer, Gearbox Rotary Machine, Farm Machinery, Feeding Hopper, Jaw Crusher, Injector Support Frame, Food Juice Separator, Precast Concrete Mould


product development:

Consumer Goods & Industrial Application

Fluid Flow Booster, LP Bottle Packaging, Diced Food Mixer, Polymer Fibre Packaging  Plant

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BENTLEY Engineering Consulting Pty Ltd is a consultancy firm that specialises in offering technical solution expertise in the areas of Structural and Mechanical Engineering.



Whether the project is Designing, Certification, Optimisation/Problem Solving, Inspection, Design Verification etc., our approach relies on coordinating the core principles of engineering (such as in Academic Texts and Research papers) with computer software technology which are verified by the compliance of the relevant Australian/International Standards.


The Company has been providing its services to many industries. The list below highlights some of (and not limited to) the past/current projects.

Car bike steel structuretow trailer
communication trailer
tow trailer design

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