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BENTLEY Engineering Consulting

BENTLEY Engineering Consulting Pty Ltd is a consultancy firm that specialises in offering professional technical solutions in the areas of Mechanical and Structural Engineering.


Whether the project is designing, problem solving, inspection, design verification, etc., the Company’s services are based on the practice and the expertise of its experienced Engineers who are members of the Institute of Engineers Australia.

We can help with your engineering challenge, regardless of its size or nature... Large projects and small jobs are all valued with professional delivery at affordable prices

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Building Services

¨ Kitchen Exhaust System

¨ Mechanical Ventilation


Industrial Services

¨ Dust/Fume Local Exhaust

o Plan/Layout System design

o Components’ Selections; Hoods, Air-Cleaners, Fans


Building Services

¨ Vertical/Horizontal Transport

o Lift, Escalator, Moving walkways



¨ Building Mechanical System

o Automation Mechanism


Industrial Services

¨ Process Machinery

o Rotary Machine

o Material Handling

o Farming Machinery

o Lifting Crane



¨ Stage/Functionality Mechanism

¨ Plant Mechanical Design


Product Development

¨ Developing concepts/ideas to a complete and codes complied product


Building Services

¨ Kitchen Fit-outs

¨ HVAC Supporting Structure

¨ Special Purpose Systems

o Emergency Access Stairways

o Shed/Shelter Facility

o Public Service Structure


Industrial Services

¨ Exhaust System Components

o Design; Hood, Air Cleaner


¨ Pressure Vessel

¨ Special Purpose/Process Design; Trailer, Lifting Beam, Farming & Agriculture, Truck’s ROPS, Tank



¨ Process Equipment/System

o Bulk Material Silo & Conveyor Belt

o Crane & Runway




Engineering DESIGN
Mechanical services
structural services


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